Our Rubber


Some countries
make different
sizes and
thicknesses because of the
mixture of materials.

We give our best rubber.
No nonsense.
That's how much we care.


Quality assurance

Our single most important objective is to produce consistent quality products that are safe and effective. In order to achieve this, we have a team of experienced and qualified process engineers and technologists who are continuously striving to upgrade our factory, machinery, manufacturing processes and latex formulation.

We also ensure our products meet our customers’ expectations and requirements through our comprehensive ISO9001 Quality System and through constant internal audits by third-party certification bodies.


Pre-shipment control parameters

  • Visual Checks
  • Dimension Control
  • Water Leak Test
  • Air Burst Volume and Pressure (Aged & Unaged)
  • Tensile Test (Aged & Unaged)
  • Lubricant Quantity Measurement
  • Colour Fastness for Coloured Condoms
  • Package Integrity Test

Manufacturing Our World-Class Condoms

Equipped with modern equipment, our factory’s main activity is the manufacture and export of natural rubber latex male condoms. The variants of condoms produced are plain, textured, coloured and flavoured. We also produce probe covers, lubricating jelly, latex sheets, exercise bands and dental dams for medical use.

The company markets the condoms in forms of naked untested, naked rolled, tested, foiled and fully packed.

Our export markets include non-profit organization tenders via the Ministry of Health, the World Bank and various social marketing programs. We have more than 100 commercial brands throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, Oceania, North America, Asia, and South America.

sex is
good sex

Yes. We will take care of you. No matter which tunnel you are getting in for a joyride, connecting the hottest spot in town or widening the scope of passion with your magic wand, take us along and we will take care of you. We are your ultimate source of protection when you take on the wildest two-way tactical battle, a three-pronged attack and four-way conquest.


Make it
your way

We make you stand with the highest honour. We stand by our quality and standards to ease your way to victory. Each of us are tested and able to provide you with a full sensation laced with fragrant textures when you are having a smashing time. We are regulated through our ISO9001 Quality System to meet the highest industrial standards.


is legit

Not only do we meet worldwide quality standards, we exceed it. That’s why we’re here to beat the rest. We are tested to ISO 4074:2015 / ASTM D5712-2015 / EN 1041:2008 as per customer's requirements prior to shipment.


Directions for use

Use it right.


Step 1.

Put the condom on after the penis is fully erect and before any sexual intercourse to assist in the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.


Step 2.

Place the rolled condom on the head of the penis and remove the air out of the tip of the condom by gently pressing the air out with one hand. Unroll the condom all the way to the base of the penis with the other hand and smooth out any air bubbles.


Step 3.

Stop and check if the condom is slipping off or is tightened excessively onto the penis because this may lead to breakage.


Step 4.

After ejaculation, carefully withdraw the penis while holding the condom firmly in place at the base of the penis. Use the condom once only. Wrap the used condom in a tissue and dispose into a waste container.