Our Rubber


Yes. We will take care of you. No matter which tunnel you are getting in for a joyride, connecting the hottest spot in town or widening the scope of passion with your magic wand, take us along and we will take care of you. We are your ultimate source of protection when you take on the wildest two-way tactical battle, a three-prong attack and four-way conquest.

We are your source of victory

We make you stand with the highest honour. We stood by our quality and standard to ease your way to victory. Each of us were tested and able to provide you full sensation laced with fragrant textures when you are having a smashing time. We are regulated through ISO 9002 Quality System to meet the highest industrial standards.

We will take care of you

We not only meet the worldwide quality standards, we exceed it. That is why we are here to beat the rest. We are tested to EN600, ISO 4074, WHO 2003, ASTM D3492-2003, NF Mark Specification and CCC Mark Specification prior to shipment to be by your side.

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